Friday, January 12, 2007

If you're from the Nebraska, there's one thing you know for a fact: There's nothing better than Nebraska Corn Fed Beef.  Period.

Here at Genesis, we periodically like to "treat" the staff to a cookout.  Typically these cookouts might be hotdogs and hamburgers (or as we like to say "I'll take a cheeseburger with a hotdog chaser!"), and for those especially tastey occasions we'll cook up some 14oz Ribeye's.  (IMHO the best cut of beef...., 2nd only to Chateaubriand)

Check out some pictures of our last cookout....

Step 1 is the proper seasoning, here it is being professionally applied:

Step 2 slow cooking over the hot grill:

Jennifer demonstrating the proper cooking method for Tater Tots - the key is individual rotation for even browning.

Get yours before they're all gone!
Going, Going, Gone!

There are two schools of thought on proper ketchup placement with your Tots:

Method 1:

And... Method 2 (there is not right or wrong... it's ALL good!)

With steaks this tasty and filling, you gotta pace yourself!

Next time your near Genesis and you smell that good cookout odor, stop in!

Brad Williams
Director of Operations



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