Monday, April 3, 2006

I know many times I have been accused of being a control freek, perfectionist, and so forth, but bottom line is, when the stakes are high, why gamble? Therefore, even though a substantial amount of time was spent drawing the booth to scale and carefully building the display equipment to size, we took time to stage the booth in its entirety in the shop.

Items to set up:    

  • Four double-sided 3’ x 6’ banners  
  • G-FENSE network support workstation featuring 2 – 21” monitors running the Barracuda demo and live G-FENSE portal app.  
  • The main workstation/counter featuring our sell sheets, a single 21” monitor for demoing apps, and some chotski’s displayed.  
  • The 1970 Plymouth Cuda.  
  • The G-FENSE Barracuda network cube, networked by wireless to all booth workstations and connected to the internet. 
  • T-shirts, golf care packages, info folders, etc.... 
  • Last but not least the main booth centerpiece, a 16’ tall stand holding our massive 6’ wide by 8’ tall Genesis banner.


 Below is the photo montage of both booth staging and booth set-up the day before the show........ 

 The booth outline is basically right along where the yellow paint meets the concrete. Patrick appears to be both checking phone calls and playing Tiger Woods, neither of which have much to do with the set-up work…….hmmmm. 



Main 16’ banner structure with G-FENSE cube on black rack in front of it.  





Rolling in the workstations; heavier than you’d think.  

16’ is taller than it looks, but we new this was going to be a force to be contended with once assembled.  


Many important phone calls needed to be made.  

G-FENSE cube and Barracuda literature with the highly coveted Spam cans. 

And of course there was Braden who as always was seemingly very proud of himself.


Thanks for taking time to listen to our story, keep on watch for show pix coming soon.

Brad Williams 

Genesis Operations


































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