Wednesday, September 28, 2005

With the Big-O Show less than a month away, the office has come alive with preparations for the event. Brad aligns the project for the banner...We have finalized the details in a number of areas, here's what I know...

  • We're getting 2 kinds of T-Shirts: Plain white Genesis T's... and black Genesis "World Solutions Tour" concert T's
  • We're getting the canvas bags! I really think this one's going to be a big hit! Something to carry around all the stuff from the other companies.
  • We're also getting coasters & koozies.
  • There'll be 2 cars down there, BJ's Cuda and his GTO.
  • Hopefully we can round up some additional games courtesy of Central Distributing. Maybe a Golf game and an Arcade Legends machine.
  • I believe we've finalized the banners... A generic Genesis Systems banner, a "High Performance Business Solutions" banner, and perhaps some signage describing the various cars.
  • We're bring the plasma TV, to display some sort of slide show outlining the relevant company info

We've marked everything out at the shop, and are in the beginning stages of  positioning everything like it will be setup down at the show. You can Brad in the image above, positioning a potential banner image.

There's much to be done, but with two full weeks to the show, we're confident we'll be ready... and we'll blow the competition away :-)

Dusty Davidson
Lead Software Developer


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