Friday, December 16, 2005

Stumbled upon quite a bit of Genesis Systems nostalgia yesterday while perusing the Internet Archive WayBack Machine. Basically, it's a cache of versions of web pages dating back to 1996. Searching for reveils pages going back as far as 1998!! Now, I surely wasn't around Genesis in those days, heck I was still in high school, but it sure makes for interesting browsing.

January 11, 1998


 October 30, 2000


September 30, 2003


Note: The following entries are recent enough that I could get them from our webserver. The WayBack Machine actually does not have copies of them yet in it's archives. These timeframes are also approximate, as we don't know exactly know when they were published live.

November 11, 2004


 October 6, 2005


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