Wednesday, December 14, 2005

As mentioned a number of places, we here at the office have an Ultracade arcade machine. Essentially, it's the legit version of my MAME cabinet.

We all have the games that we excel in and have high scores in: Chris plays Penguin Wars, BJ plays Centipede, McEvoy plays 1942, etc, etc. My game of choice is Tempest. Frankly, it's the only game that I'm able to get a high score in, so it's the one I play the most.

The problem is, stupid Tempest on this Ultracade machine CRASHES when you get above about 150,000 points! It doesn't even hang at the same point every time. It simply starts going crazy, and then it freezes. Hard. The picture to the right shows the game in it's frozen state, at about 153,000 points.

I've managed to make it to a high score of 159,300 points, at which point it froze and if I remember correctly, I had 4 guys left! Argh!!!

Dusty Davidson


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